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About theSummit Martial Arts
in Oklahoma City, OK

Meet Dominique Jackson

Owner and Chief Instructor at
theSummit Martial Arts in Oklahoma City
4th Degree Black Belt

The Summit Martial Arts – A Life-Changing Place Your Whole Family Will Love!

Hello and Welcome! The Summit is dedicated to providing the absolute best life-changing martial arts programs for people in and around Oklahoma City. If you’re ready to Set the Goal… we’re ready to help you Reach the Goal!

A Variety of Classes for You and Your Whole Family. There’s TaeKwonDo for your kids and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts and Kickboxing for adults. Don’t worry at all about whether you’ll fit in or be able to “do it” because we’re here to tell you, you absolutely can! It doesn’t matter what age, shape or size you are or what your current fitness level is because we’ll train you at your level and meet your specific needs and goals.

Are you looking for something to help your child focus, adjust to life changes or develop life skills that will enable them to be successful in school and in life? We guarantee that you and your kids will LOVE what all the kicking, punching and striking does for their body, mind and spirit! In the very first class, they’ll get…

  • A lot of physical and mental activity
  • A boost in confidence & bully-proof skills
  • Tremendous focus, self-control and discipline skills
  • A lot more flexible, quick & coordinated
  • New friends, fun times and big smiles

People choose to train at The Summit because structure and organization are two pillars of success in teaching. That’s why you’ll always find every class precisely planned and organized to meet and exceed your expectations.

We aim to inspire you and your family toward good health, physical fitness and personal excellence in a welcoming, safe, and clean environment. Those things are important to you, which means they’re equally important to us.

Martial Arts isn’t just for kids though. Our ADULT classes are just as fun, challenging and rewarding as they are for kids. In every class, you can expect to experience…

  • An incredible workout, weight loss & fitness gains
  • Increased mental and physical strength, balance & flexibility
  • Reduced stress, worry & anxiety and increased energy & happiness
  • Unbelievable abs and core strength
  • Effective self-defense skills you can use now & always

You’d think that all those PRICELESS BENEFITS for your body, mind and spirit would be over the top expensive, right? Well, it’s not at all. In fact, it’s quite a LOW COST ACTIVITY – with a lot of AMAZING PERKS!

Check out our ridiculously low web special going on – for a limited time only! Our classes fill up fast because it’s such a great deal, so reserve your spot today!

The Summit’s goal is to EMPOWER you and your family to step outside your comfort zone, push past your physical and mental limits and accomplish your goals. Doing so enables you to achieve your full potential… and isn’t that what you want for yourself and family?

Our school’s mission is to serve our members, their families, and our community by using our martial arts knowledge and skills to help you and your kids develop in healthy and progressive ways – in martial arts and in life as a whole.

Although The Summit honors tae kwon do and all other Martial Arts traditions, our highly skilled instructor is dynamic and constantly seeking new and innovative ways to keep you interested, motivated and enthused.

We can't wait to empower you and see how fast you learn and grow with us! Come be a part of The Summit Martial Arts family and experience the best prices, the most amazing instructor, and have the most FUN you’ve ever had getting fit!


Dominique Jackson has been training in martial arts for over 15 years. After trying other sports, he began looking for something more, eventually coming across a local ATA school. After his first class, Dominique never looked back. Almost immediately, he began helping in classes, learning how to lead. By the time Dominique achieved his Black Belt, he was teaching as a part-time instructor. After graduating high school, Mr. Jackson began teaching full-time under the tutelage of Master Rob Howard.

Over the years, Mr. Jackson has furthered his martial arts education and has traveled many places to teach and learn from the some of the best that ATA has to offer. He’s trained under Masters from Kansas, North Carolina, Florida and Arkansas.

Mr. Jackson has chosen to fulfill his lifetime dream of opening his own school in Oklahoma City. Teaching is Dominique’s passion and his goal is to create a positive impact in every community he reaches, as he passes his knowledge on to his students. Mr. Jackson believes there is no greater reward than to help develop leaders.

How to Get Started

Come join our Oklahoma City, OK Tae Kwon Do facility! We offer programs in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Adult Martial Arts, Birthday Parties, Kickboxing, and Kids Martial Arts. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (405) 693-5115 if you have any further questions. theSummit Martial Arts hopes to speak with you soon!

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